Give a chance to Children in Africa

You´ve got the power to change a childs life in Uganda!

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Let us meet Richard Tugume

Interview with Richard "From being help others! Listen to his story & vision!"

Richard was helped by worldvision as a child and now he wants to help the children in his community!

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See your help & impact immediately!

You can see the progress by helping Richard and the children in Uganda in Instagram!

If you want to have direct contact just let us know!

Onetime donation


$ ?

Any amount

Every amount counts, even if it’s only a few dollar! Richard and the kids in Uganda will be happy!

Support Programs


$ 18 / Month

payed yearly

✅  Regular School Fees

✅  We buy books, shoes, pencils, mattress & school uniforms!

✅  General anual health test


$ 45 / Month

payed yearly

✅  Extended Private School Fees incl. more program and even better education

✅ We buy books, shoes, pencils & school uniforms!

✅  Full Boarding School (incl. sleeping & eating at school)

✅  Get in contact with the child you supporting by staying in contact with Richard




Full Budget that is needed $ 50.000 * 

*we will build a supporter Wall in the house and name all the immortal supporters!

Buying land to build
Sleeping & Eating House for 50 orphants & in help children
Library & small school beside of it
2-5 adults working full time to support and teach children


How can you help

At the moment we are sending the money to Richard (Founder & Manager) by Western Union… if you want to send it by yourself just contact us or contact Richard in whatsapp for getting information (+256 786 828969)!

Any help needed ?! Contac us (see below) – Thank You


Write us an Mail
Subject: “Donation 4 Children”


Write us an WhatsApp message
Daniel: +49 179 4211338
Subject:  “Donation 4 Children”

We will help you to get your support to Richard and the children in Uganda!

Remember: You can have personal contact with Richard in WhatsApp to see the real progress and you can also send the money by yourself if you want to!

🙏 Thank you so much! You are making the world a better place! 🙏

Supports that have already arrived

$ 1000 for the office

Richard has set up an office from the first donation. This is also the point of contact for the children and the local supporters.
In addition to the technical equipment and the general office supplies the rent for the first year could be paid.

Richard´s office... also the point of contact for the kids
The receipt for the first $ 1000
Things that were bought for the office

$ 100 Support package

T-Shirt, Office wooden sign and HERZENSFOLGER bracelets for the children.

Richard with the support package
The wooden sign for the office
Richard & kids with the sign...
...and the HERZENSFOLGER bracelets

First angel supporter

Some children already have an angel supporter.

Supported kids thank you
Supported kids thank you

Help for Christmas 2018

With the donation Richard has given the children clothes for Christmas.

The donations receipt
Richard with the kids... front of the shop...
...and with their new clothes

Sponsorships for the children

Already in sponsorship

Here are some of the children who have already found a supporter and are supported every month.

Wanted a sponsorship

Children who are looking for sponsorships to be supported every month.

Your Support is making Changes! See!